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Our experienced economist panel begins with a selection of return objectives to aim for, and uncovers markets that meet those requirements. Each market is validated by our directors before being cross-checked with financial lenders to ensure ease of access for investors. Among the characteristics that DIYBA takes into account are flanking market trends, bank regulations, employment profiles, demographic movement and demand, infrastructure spend, and amenity attraction and other data points, to determine where a market is in its growth pattern and how its cash flow potential can provide investment opportunities.

DIYBA showcases properties from established markets, which is why we tend to avoid markets that show characteristics for large home and land package development. Our guiding principle is that while dwellings depreciate over time, land appreciates in value; for this reason we do not display any units or apartments. Our platform is connected to multiple authority holding real estate platforms such as Domain.com.au, so although we do our best to display only the properties that meet our criteria, occasionally an atypical property may be found as a result of the way it has been uploaded.

What percentage deposit do I need to buy a DIYBA-displayed property? – This needs to be a separate question, I’ll separate them and give the answers below to be provided.

We find the best value properties range from the high $200,000 mark all the way up to the low $700,000 mark. This price range typically returns the two return types that investors need to balance their portfolios; those being both cash-producing, which helps investors gain servicing strength through the financial lenders, and equity which helps investors raise new deposits for subsequent purchases from the growth of the market. These are the two crucial components to safe portfolio wealth growth.

The deposit size for an investment property typically ranges from 10% to 20%. The differences between the deposit sizes should be discussed further with finance professionals like your mortgage broker to highlight the benefits and downfalls. Any deposits that are less than 20% of the purchase price will require lenders mortgage insurance. LMI is insurance that the lender takes out on the borrower. Paying a lower deposit and using LMI will result in limitations around how quickly you’re able to access the equity in a properties growth.

If you need an introduction to one of our mortgage broking partners for help with your profile, please email info@diyba.com.au

We consider pre-approved finance to be a best practice, and advise speaking to your broker about the expected time frame for your pre-approval to arrive. DIYBA displays markets that are highly competitive, so for this reason we advise getting your pre-approval to keep one step ahead of competitors and potentially negotiate in your purchase deal.

The Do It Yourself Buyers Agency provides a structure to empower you to guide yourself through the buying process, so that you can find the right property in the best market for your needs, and make the purchase with ease. If you’d prefer hands-on guidance, DIYBA can connect you with our expert buyers’ agents to achieve your purchase.  This means that once you find the right property, we’ll handle inspections, reports, negotiations, contract soliciting and more – and at a competitive price compared to the industry standard.

Your subscription gives you access to DIYBA’s platform, so if after you make a property purchase you want to maintain your access to our market insights and discover more properties, you’ll need to continue to pay for your subscription. If you don’t intend to buy another property straight away, you can cancel your membership — your profile will still contain the details of your properties so that you can monitor the performance of your portfolio.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on subscriptions. For more information on the Buy by DIYBA option, please read the term and conditions.