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Case study

Market – Regional



  • Properties: House
  • Purchase Price: $450,000
  • Rental Rate: $480 / wk
  • Market Growth: 40% in 12 mths
  • Gross Annual Cashflow: $24, 960
  • Gross Yield: 5.55%
  • Net Annual Cashflow: $3,563
  • Net Yield: 0.79%

A busy project manager in his early thirties, Dean is an English expat looking to build a strong foundation in Australia. He has chosen property investment as the path to create a balanced portfolio with strong cash flow and safe growth from self-sustaining assets.

Investment goals

  • Create income now to secure bank loans for the purchase of their home
  • Grow equity to produce a deposit for another investment in the future.


  • The property has generated a yield of over 7%, and shows more than 10% growth
  • The investment has generated the majority of a new deposit for Rachel and Andrew’s next purchase
  • Rachel and Andrew can keep working towards their long-term goal, creating more equity for large deposits to keep expanding their investment portfolio

I was referred by a friend who had incredible results in his dealings with Darren. Naturally, I wanted to make wise investments just like my friend, so I picked up the phone and contacted him. From our first conversation I knew I was in good hands. Dean, Suburb

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